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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Kuwait Chronicle X

A Farewell to Arms....sort of

Time flies away, and in the twinkling of a leftover Christmas light, it's time to pack up the 90 days worth of accumulated 5K fun run t-shirts and head back many t-shirts and so many miles run.   I have my favorite (Marine Corps Birthday Run) that will already be well worn-in by the time it makes it back to North Carolina, and most of the others might make it into a memorial quilt at some point.  The part I hate is having to leave people behind - people who had my back and would give me their last rubbery pork chop at the DFAC if I needed it...the thought makes me teary.

Of course, there are always those end-of-tour awards to give and commemorative coins to plant in someone's palm - a sort of farewell to arms, or at least, a farewell to battle buddies.  If I could, I would take them all back home with me...they will be with me in my heart for a long time.

We did our jobs here as 90-day boggers (boots on the ground) medical assets, but as with other mobilizations/deployment, I am always left with the wish that I could have done more.  Still, we get over that thought quickly with the realization that there will very likely be yet another opportunity to serve in some foreign land in the future....give me a minute to think....yep, I'm over it!

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