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Friday, November 25, 2011

Kuwait Chronicle V

Deployment Sanity Strategy #2...You've Got Mail

The mail delivery guy looked at me funny...."you've got a lot of mail," he said, with a strange smile across his face. I saw that his hands were empty, but then I looked past him to see a handcart that was completely stacked to the max with boxes and letters....all for me.  No wonder he gave me that look!  It was not all from the same person; it just so happened that it all came at the same time to our desert hospital facility.  I wasn't complaining.
It turns out that mail, in any physical form, is one of the most welcome sights for a deployed soldier.  The electronic mail is still wonderful, but there's something more special about receiving a card, letter, package or just about anything else via the post.  Plenty of soldiers have a steady stream of mail to keep them occupied and excited about what the day's delivery might bring, but others have virtually zero mail from outside...unless they order something from an online retail shop.

It's easy to help those deployed individuals even if you don't have someone specific in mind whose name  you know.  For instance, my spouse found out that one or our local police officers deployed to Afghanistan with his National Guard unit.  My husband didn't know anything much about this soldier particularly or his unit, but he knew the general kinds of things that might be welcomed in a care package from the States.  He filled a couple of Priority Mail boxes with goodies, toiletries, and other fun stuff, and sent it off into the blue.  What he got back was sincere gratitude.

The grandmother of the deployed soldier from our little town found out what my husband had done, and she went out of her way to seek him out to thank him.  He wasn't looking for thanks, but he was happy to know that his packages found their way into hands that needed them and hearts that appreciated their meaning.  It is truly the thought that counts with mail.  It could be a few lines scrawled on a simple postcard or an elaborate "singing" Hallmark just doesn't matter.  As we enter the holiday season, I am hoping that more people will take the initiative as my husband did, and they will keep those cards and letters coming.

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  1. A really Blessed & thoughtful thing Randy !